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Single vineyard Rosé of Grenache from the Rosé Ranch Vineyard in the Sonoma Valley

Light, crisp and exactly what you wnat for a nice warm afternoon/evening. 


This gorgeous rosé is what we call an "intentional rosé". From vine to glass, this rosé has been intentionally grown and produced to be a rosé. Sometimes rosés are an afterthought...maybe the grapes weren't of a high enough quality to go into the bottle of red...Not this rosé. It has been grown, picked and selected intentionally for rosé, from a vineyard called Rosé Ranch in the Sonoma Valley. Located at the base of the extinct Sugarloaf volcano, Leo found these old Certified Biodynamic Grenache vines planted in lava-scented soil at the heart of Sonoma Valley. These old vines lend depth and complexity to an already vibrant grape.

This elegant rosé is ready to drink all summer long and due to its limited  production, it will sell out quickly.

  • Cases produced: 30
  • Wineartist: Leo Hansen
  • Vineyard: Rosé Ranch
  • Varietal: 100% Granache
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel then neutral French oak 
  • AVB: 12.5%


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