We are a family of artists.

The Harris Gallery was founded almost two decades ago by a second-generation artist, M.C. Harris

and his son, A3L3XZAND3R,

a third-generation artist.


The two-story gallery is devoted entirely

to the works of these prolific painters.


M.C. Harris is known for

his elegant colorist landscapes,

fanciful abstract celebrations of nature,

and cubist floral works.  



is an accomplished abstract painter

but he is also known

for his mystical cloud formations

and familiar dreamlike landscapes.

The Harris Gallery is located in one of

The Wine Country’s most beautiful

and historic buildings,

where a visit is considered an important part of the Healdsburg experience.

“The Plaza Arts Building”, with its famous Italianate arches, was constructed in 1908

on the NW corner of the Healdsburg Plaza

in the heart of Sonoma County.

Here the spectacular restoration

proves to be the perfect setting

to exhibit fabulous art.  

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phone:  707-385-1888