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Professional Design + Architecture Services

A3L3XZAND3R offers professional design and architecture services under A3H Design.

For more info, or to see his body of work, contact him here.



B 1983                                                                                        

A Third Generation Artist.

A3L3XZAND3R was born in Berkeley, California. 




Raised in Sonoma County on a remote ranch,

surrounded by stunning vistas and vibrant wild nature, he first moved away to pursue academia of art to Chico, California (CSU), then Florence, Italy (Florence Academy of Art), and lastly St. Petersburg, Russia (The Repin Academy/Russian Academy).

After his sojourning abroad, he moved back to where it all began to continue and further his pursuit of art in Healdsburg, California.


He is a thinker in the best sense of the word, exploring purpose behind action and spirit beneath reason, always searching in life and in his work for the “essence” of matter. He takes a creative stance to observing and follows his own advice to others: “Take a breath, enjoy what’s around you, reflect upon it, and find a way to look at it through someone else’s eyes.

Doing that will change the way you see things.”


A3L3XZAND3R’s work is widely collected and his work is included in numerous, notable, permanent, classical and contemporary, private, public and corporate collections throughout the world.


A strong believer in observing nature, his paintings, drawings and sculptures are created only from the act of observing life itself or from the pure recollection of his experiences. Directly derived from "the closest living relative of the natural world... one’s own memory".


His creations range in subject from imaginative depictions of the infinite variety of mind’s eye landscapes (usually inspired by the locales of California), to classical, contemporary, abstract figural, portrait and still-life themes. His work can be categorized as contemporary, yet maintains a sense of classicalism. Expressed in genres ranging from Realism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Sculpture and more.  He works by taking the idea of of a person, place or object and expressing it through a transcendent expression of that moment in time and space dictated by the use of color, form and light. 

A3L3XZAND3R lives in the rolling hills above Healdsburg with his wife and son.

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